air regulator

Introductions of products Here is some product information about i/p transducer,e/p transducer,electro pneumatic transducer,electro pneumatic converter,air pressure regulator and air regulator for you.They are the representative products of famous worldwide EAA-GROUP,who is aimed to manufacturing.As we know there are different kinds of i/p transducers or e/p transducers,such as EAA-T1000,EAA-500X,EAA-T1500,EAA-550X,they have more function than the traditional ones.I-P and e/p transducers offer a lot more options for input signals with choices of both voltage and current input signals.Its compact housing,accessible ports and easy adjustments provide an ideal answer to applications that are space-constrained.An integral volume booster provides high flow capacity,increasing control speed in critical applications.Electro pneumatic transducer is used to convert a milliamp control signal into a proportional pneumatic signal for pneumatic operators. more

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